Avoiding negative reviews online

All businesses love positive reviews as it confirms that the business is pleasing their customers. Negative reviews, on the other hand, are also a big part of business success as it helps a business change to adjust to their target market. However, no business likes their faults being seen publicly. Experts say that negative public posts can be reduced by directing feedback to a central location, which increases the chances of the post being seen and addressed.

When faced with a negative review, here are some key strategies that can reduce their impact:

Respond fast – As soon as a notification for a negative review is seen, the customer should be contacted. This process will involve thanking the customer for their feedback, and giving them a direct number that they can call for assistance.

Compensate – Apologizing can sometimes only go so far in satisfying a customer. Instead offer the customer a discount on their next purchase, their money back, or redo the service.

Request for the review to be removed – If a customer is happy with how their problem was handled, they may be willing to remove their review. Explain to the customer that their review has made a difference and that procedures have been put into place to reduce such problems from reoccurring. Most private customer review websites such as Revdex.com, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and BBB, offer a neutral platform for customers to post their complaints while allowing for companies to address customer concerns quickly.

Revdex provides a place for consumers to read online business reviews and report bad business experiences. Revdex’s aim is to improve the connection between consumers and businesses. Consumers can find new businesses and services and businesses can create profiles to be found.

Reviews can be posted for any kind of business. For example you can  file complaint about moving company or you can report travel scams.