Tips for minimizing expenses during business travel

Summary: Overseas business travel is expensive. Reduce corporate expenses by renting a car, staying at a hotel further away from the central business district or venue, and pooling resources with colleagues attending the same functions.

International travel is a great perk for staff. However, there are ways that staff on travel can maximize their comfort and manage the expenses on behalf of the firm. Here are some tips and ideas for minimizing business travel expenses.


The first order of business is to arrange transport. A typical business trip will involve travel to and from the airport. Also, You will also need transport for each of your meetings and conferences. The more travel you need, the more practical it is to rent a car. Taxi fares and airport shuttle costs can add up. Most car rental services offer vehicle pickup at the airport.


If you have access to a rental car, then there is more flexibility when you select your hotel. Often, people select hotels that are close by to the main event sources. However, hotels are very expensive the closer they are to the business district or conference venue.


When more than one staff member is traveling for the same function, it makes sense to pool some of those resources. For example, a single rental will be enough for a couple more colleagues traveling to the same venue. Check with other department heads or the travel office and see if any other colleagues will attend the same conference.

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