World-famous Business Leaders, do they Meditate?

Article by Zhang Xinuye of Create Abundance

Many international leaders have been meditating for decades and find that they can attribute a lot of their success in business to the art of meditation. Keeping their stress levels down and giving them the clarity of mind to make important decisions.

Ramani Aye

Ramani Aye learned the art of meditation at the age of 24 and is one of the first Indians to head up a Fortune 100 company. He is the CEO and chairman of The Hartford Group. Ramani has been meditating for over 35 years and says that it has helped him focus and consistently raise his performance and manage stress by maintaining harmony and peace.

Alak Vasa

Alak Vasa is the co-founder of Elements Truffles vegan chocolate company. She practices a 30-minute morning meditation every day which energizes her for the day ahead. She manages her stress levels, fear, and panic when she is in a stressful situation or meeting when working at Goldman Sachs.

 Jonathan Tang

Jonathan Tang is the CEO of the apparel company he is said to have introduced meditation to his staff to manage the trauma that was evident after 9/11. He noticed that the staff were distracted, and visibly shaken by the events of 9/11. Jonathan introduced a meditation facilitator to the offices and soon the sessions were full of members reaping the benefits of meditation. He says that “When the session was over, people who had never meditated before were filled with a sense of calmness.  It helped them be more present at work and even carried forth to being more present with their families at home.”

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