How to Deal with the Fear of Success

The article was provided by The Global Spiritualist Association

As we think about spiritual health, one thing that comes to mind is our fears. Fears can have a great impact upon our health. Some are much worse than others. In business, we often find people who say they want to succeed and become entrepreneurs, but they have obstacles holding them back.

The fear of success can often be more harmful than the fear of failure.  Why should we fear success though? Don’t we want to be successful entrepreneurs? The answer may surprise you. Once you become successful and have money and material possessions, you will have more choices in life. You’ll have more temptations. There will be lots of different ways that you might get in trouble or make expensive mistakes.

When you operate your business or career with a fear of failure, you focus on the wrong things.  You make bad financial decisions. You spend money for the wrong reasons. When you operate with a fear of success, the same consequences can cause you trouble. This can develop into all types of health problems from high blood pressure to insomnia. It’s best to face your fears and deal with them.

Try to examine why you feel the way you do. How can you overcome these fears? Do you need mentoring or professional counseling? You can do some reading on your own about this interesting topic and try to get to the bottom of whatever fears may be holding you back. Your physical and spiritual health will improve, and you’ll be able to move forward with confidence.

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