How to complain effectively

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Some people are good at making complaints and receiving a satisfactory outcome. Others find it difficult to explain their problem and get frustrated with customer service personnel who refuse to offer a refund.

Knowing how and where to make your complaint can provide you with a higher possibility of a favorable outcome. Here are some simple tips that will help you complain, effectively.

What do you want to achieve – Knowing what you want from your complaint and expressing your result early can help to set a clear goal for the person receiving the complaint. For example, if you are looking to receive a refund, make sure that you mention this at the start of the conversation.

Speak about the company’s reputation – Tell the company’s representative that you are not happy with the product/service provided and you cannot recommend the company. This can concern companies as they do not like complaints on public forums and social media platforms.

Aim high – Following a company’s standard complaint procedure can get you results but emailing a CEO or Managing director directly will get you heard a lot faster. Look for email addresses for senior-level staff on a company’s website and complain to them directly.

Avoid calling the company – Calling the company can be an easy way of voicing your complaint, but often you will not know whom you are speaking to and your complaint can easily go unnoticed. Instead, look for third-party websites that offer a chance for customers to voice their complaints. Popular sites include, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. If you prefer government websites, you could place your complaints on websites such as BBB or the complaints board.

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