Meet the Mentors from The Global Spiritualists Association Program

The Global Spiritualists Association was established by Zhang Xinyue who was seeking ways to promote an atmosphere of healing and positive energy. Today, he and his mentors help others develop their minds to reach a higher level of consciousness. The organization has an excellent mentoring program and works with international youth projects.

Each year they sponsor conferences and forums where mentors come to present positive teachings about how to create good spiritual energy. They discuss spreading a message of love, hope, charity and gratefulness. To date, they have over 100 spiritual mentors who believe in helping mankind overcome its challenges through love, inner peace, joy and other altruistic venues. Below, please meet one of the amazing mentors from The Global Spiritualists Association.

Yushu, International Mentor

International Mentor of the Global Association of Spiritual Mentors. She is an expert judge of the China Image Design Association and has a Master of Business Administration, Ph.D. in Social Psychology. As a teacher from Xinyue, she has spent a lifetime dedicated to the cause of spiritual growth. She combines her own professional academic knowledge with observations about the human aesthetic. Her mottos are: “Embrace all with love and make everything love” and

“Love to the extreme is a miracle.”

Founder, Zhang Xinyue, has written and taught great deal about how to create inner peace and joy. One of his most famous quotes is:

“Walk around the world to discover the road back to your own heart.” (English translation)

The Global Spiritualists Association takes part in annual activities that improve understanding and respect for every culture. They recently celebrated their twentieth anniversary in Kuala Lumpur. For more information about this organization, please visit their website.

The Global Spiritualists Association is an organization dedicated to advancing the study of high spirituality and life sciences. The Global Spiritualists Association works towards promoting international cooperation and development of world youth elites by attracting the greatest Spiritual Teachers from a variety of professional fields around the world.